Our Company

Back Office Essentials, Inc. (BOE) is based in Littleton, Colorado.


BOE was founded on the principle that the classic local bookkeeping model is out-of-date. In the past ten years, we have seen a steady and dramatic increase in the technological resources for accounting and bookkeeping services. Many local bookkeepers seem content to continue business as usual, and they have not extended these time-saving and efficient benefits to their clients.


The UPS Store home office approval of Log-Me-In creates a whole new world of opportunities for you to outsource those critical but time consuming back office tasks to the experts.  We can be your virtual back office staff. 


By using new technologies, such as web-based accounting, electronic communication, remote access, and secure electronic record storage; BOE is able to offer higher quality bookkeeping, payroll, and consultation services more conveniently and at a lower cost than most local bookkeepers.


The difference between BOE and the bookkeeper/accountant down the street isn't just our use of technology.  We understand The UPS Store business model and we can help you better understand the strengths and opportunities within your business.  We know what is important to you as the business owner and what is important to all stakeholders in the organization including your area office or franchise consultant and the home office.


By focusing just on The UPS Store we have created efficient processes that help provide back office essentials to you more efficiently than anyone else can and we pass the savings on to you.